Family Law
North Western Property Valuers specialize in providing competitively priced single expert Valuation Reports for residential, commercial and industrial property within the required time frames for family law matters under the Family Law Rules 2004.

Rental Determinations – Commercial, Industrial, Retail
In accordance with the provisions of many commercial leases the president of the REIV will nominate a valuer, such as North Western Property Valuers, who will determine the rent to be payable in respect to a property. From an owner’s point of view, the market rent will ensure a fair and proper return and from a tenants point of view the success of a business that the market rent be set correctly.

Capital Gains Tax
Selling or gifting real estate is a capital gains event (CGT event). Your liability for capital gains tax arises when a CGT event happens to your property. North Western Property Valuers can assist in providing valuations for CGT including retrospective valuations and in providing market value of the property on the day of transfer.

Building Insurance Valuations
Our research indicates that many property owners have insufficient insurance cover. Building costs continue to rise from year to year and most owners never give it a second thought when paying their annual insurance premiums. North Western Property Valuers can quantify the adverse impact of risk and draw attention to the client’s need for reassessment should risks eventuate.

Deceased Estate – Probate
A Valuation Report is required to identify the fair market value of a deceased estate for family members, trustees and or executors of the estate or any other party that has a legal interest in the property.